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About Us

Vision: To provide exciting world class opportunities for all our learners, leading to outstanding achievement and a readiness to flourish in life 

The first priority of the Trust will always be to achieve the best outcomes for all our pupils. 

Intent and Rationale - we will:

  • Put safety, wellbeing, personal development and pastoral care at the heart of our practice, to nurture happy, healthy and successful citizens 
  • Create a seamless, inspiring, all through curriculum from age 0 to 19, focused on achieving outstanding outcomes for all pupils at all key stages 
  • Ensure a consistent framework to teaching, support and assessment across the Trust, so that all pupils have equal opportunities to excel
  • Develop our highly skilled, professional, collaborative learning community, to deliver best practice and innovation in teaching and leadership
  • Make the most efficient and effective use of our shared resources, to ensure that spending achieves the greatest benefits for pupils
  • Ensure the highest standards of leadership and governance, so that rigorous, strategic oversight and inspiring, responsive support leads to constant improvement across the Trust
  • Enable effective leaders and settings to continue to take responsibility for delivering school improvement
  • Develop shared provision to offer the most effective support to our most vulnerable pupils and their families
  • Ensure that no decision is to the detriment of learners in any setting.